Welcome to Remastery

This site is for people who want to remember what they learn, long-term.  It’s also for people who want to manage their knowledge in the short term, to work on a project.  

We are a group of research leaders, strategy executives, and learning and development professionals.

We started Remastery when we realized how little we could consciously recall from all the classes and trainings we’ve attended.  Many of struggle to remember most of the books and articles we’ve read.  So much time and so much money!  

Back in college and university we’d cram for exams, be an expert on a topic for a few hours, and then almost instantly forget it all.  When working on larger assignments or projects we did not know how to organize what we were reading and learning effectively – notes, books, scraps of paper, bookmarks and no way to easily pull it together to write.

So we created  Remastery to understand how to better manage personal knowledge.

We’d like to bring some of the lessons we’ve learned delivering research to leaders around the world, as well as the latest science, to managing personal knowledge.  

Here we explore techniques for better capturing, storing, refreshing, and recalling anything you would like to remember to use later.  We also look at how to organize knowledge to create effective projects, presentations, and assignments.

What to Do Next

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